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Universal Push start System Kit with Smart Mobile Oprated Function

Universal Push start System Kit with Smart Mobile Oprated Function

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  1. lock/unlock/remote start by remote key or APP.
  2. Car original remote control remote start.
  3. Push one button start / stop engine.
  4. Compatible with car's original anti-theft system.
  5. Engine lock (can't start the engine with a button after the module is locked).
  6. Automatically lock door while driving,

automatically unlock door when the engine is turned off.

  1. Remot open back box by key or APP (Requires the car itself to have a controllable circuit).
  2. Select petrol mode/diesel mode by switch (Warm up at starting).

Packing List:

1* ignition control module

2* Install wiring harness

2* Remote keys

1* Start stop button

1* Product manual


Things buyers must know:

1. The acceptable voltage range of this system is

8-20V. If the voltage is too high or too low, the system will not work properly.

  1. This system is universal and can be installed in almost any 12V car, but it cannot work with the original push button start system of the car itself, or the central door lock with double pulse unlocking, or the pneumatic door lock.
  2. Installing this system requires some professional automotive electronics knowledge. All output signal cables must be connected to the correct signal according to the "+" or "-" on the product manual.

Wrong connections may cause short circuits or burnout of the product

4. All products have been strictly inspected before leaving the factory to ensure that they are complete and working properly. If you have any problems after receiving the product, please contact us

immediately. We will give you the best solution. Good communication is very necessary, we reject all disputes opened without communication.

5. The product manual is not only in English, we also have Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, etc., You can scan the QR code in the manual to see product manuals in other languages.


Q&A about the product:

1. If I remote start engine it mean my car is unsafe and anyone can drive?

This system is very secure, it has a complete anti-theft system, keep lock when remote start, and auto shut down the engine and alarming when trespassing.

2. How far is the remote start?

The remote control distance is about 60 meters; the APP is controlled by Bluetooth distance is about 20 meters (different mobile phones have different Bluetooth power, some may be 50 meters, some may be 5 meters).

3. All models can use APP remote control car?

The appearance of the kit and remote control is the same as shown in the picture. The models with

"mobile phone APP" on the picture all have

Bluetooth, and all can use the APP to lock/unlock/fire the engine remotely. The difference is that we have two types of Bluetooth. External bluetooth module and built-in Bluetooth chip.

4. What's the difference between different models?

You can check the detailed introduction of each model at the bottom of the web page, in simple terms, the DQD-LY model is the simplest keyless start system, you can use mobile phone to drive the car (lock, unlock, open the trunk, remote start), PKES-433 model has added PKE keyless entry function on this basis (the remote control is close to the automatic unlocking, away from the automatic locking), UTE-808 model does not have the PKE keyless entry function, but it has a shock sensor, it has more Comprehensive anti-theft system,

UTE-1000A model is the most comprehensive model among all models.

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